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The San Franciscan Dollhouse

The San Franciscan is a victorian style dollhouse made by Duracraft.
The is the first dollhouse I attempted to assemble.
Needless to say I made a few errors so I stopped and assembled
a smaller one just to get a little more experience. It is a
beautiful dollhouse made of heavy MDF board. It stands
3 feet 4 inches tall, 2 feet wide, and 1 foot 7 inches deep.

To the left is an In Progress photo.
I chose a medium blue paint, lighter than the box photo.
I may leave some of the trim wood colored and
some white.Windows are redwood paint color.
If you have heard of kit bashing this is where
I part ways with the directions...I am not using all the
"cookie dough" type trim. I substituted a front railing
on the second story door and will not use
the bottom door entry trim. What comes with the kit
is too flim-flam for such a sturdy nice house kit.

To the right, I am varnishing the trim.
This could be painted a color if you choose.
Be careful and follow the directions in order.
One of my first errors was to pre paint the
window frames before the punch out assembly.
It sounded good to paint them while they were
in one piece, but it made punching out each piece
nearly impossible. So much for my great time saver

For those of you who have misplaced or in need of directions for this model...
Here are the
Building Directions for the San Franciscan Dollhouse
Have Fun!

Finishing up the outside.
The clamps are holding trim while the glue dries.
I used wood glue not the quick drying type
which would be easier. Painted the window frames.

Here is the inside
with a furniture practice run
to see where I want the electricity
and inside walls. Notice I hate stairs that block
the doors (I am still deciding?)

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