The Worthington Dollhouse Instructions

The Worthington is made by Artply. They are no longer in business. Here are all the direction pages below. There are several pages so there is a link to each page. Here you are... Have Fun~!

I would reccomend going through the parts list and making sure you have all the parts before you begin. The parts diagram will show you what each part looks like.

Parts list Worthinton Dollhouse Directions

The parts diagram was very large so it is broken down into 4 secions. A,B,C,&D.

Parts diagram A Worthinton Dollhouse

Parts diagram B Worthinton Dollhouse

Parts diagram C Worthinton Dollhouse

Parts diagram D Worthinton Dollhouse

Page One Worthington Dollhouse Directions
Finished photo, building tips and start of instructions.

Page Two Worthinton Dollhouse Directions

Page Three Worthington Dollhouse Directions

Page Four Worthington Dollhouse Directions

Page Five Worthington Dollhouse Directions

Page Six Worthington Directions

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